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Ipe, Brazilian Walnut facts:


Ipe (Tabebuia spp.) is an absolutely amazing species of very high-density hardwood. Also known as Brazilian Walnut, Ipe is a fast-growing hardwood lumber species.  Here's some interesting facts about Ipe:

  • Ipe      is a high-density hardwood lumber species native to South and Central      America
  • Ipe      trees grow to a full height of 150 feet in about 30-35 years
  • Ipe      is so hard it is best to use carbide tipped tools to work with this wood.
  • Ipe      lumber is hard, dense and resistant to scratching, it has been used on      boardwalks throughout the world.
  • Ipe      wood is so dense it actually sinks in water.
  • Ipe      wood is more than 2.7 times harder than White Oak
  • Ipe      is rated as a Class A fire resistant material.
  • Ipe      is harvested by sustainable yield forestry practices to ensure that there      are as many tree available at the end of a harvesting cycle as there were      at the beginning.
  • Ipe      is so resistant to rot and decay it has been used - untreated -      for railroad ties!
  • Ipe      was used in the construction of the Panama Canal
  • Ipe      decking is available in a full range of decking sizes for Ipe decks
  • Ipe      outdoor furniture is used commercially becomes it is splinter resistant and      so long lasting.
  • Ipe      makes gorgeous deck and patio furniture for your home.
  • Ipe      dimensional lumber is used for all sorts of structures including Ipe      pergolas, Ipe bridges, Ipe gazebos and more.
  • Ipe      beams, Ipe posts and Ipe timbers have been used for all sorts of      commercial projects where amazing strength and long-lasting natural beauty      are required.
  • Ipe      wood siding creates elegant curb appeal for the front of your home or      building.


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